Weaving Placemats on My Rigid Heddle Loom

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Hi fellow Rigid Heddle Weavers!

I’m back to let you know how my next project in the Rigid Heddle Kit-of-the-Month Club is going. This might just be the most fun I have ever had weaving on my Rigid Heddle Loom! These placemats are perfect for everyday use!

weaving placemats

 These  Everyday Placemats wove up so quick and easy with such great results!

Start by winding the Rug Filler on one shuttle and then the 8/4 Rug Warp on a 2nd shuttle. You will alternate these two yarns while weaving. The Rug Warp locks the Rug Filler snuggly in place.

The placemats are reversible! One side will be dark while the other side is light. I love the thick, sturdy feel of the Rug Filler, making these the perfect placemats.

weaving placemats

You can also weave matching napkins that are a perfect match to our Everyday Placemats. Dress your table for everyday use or even for a special occasion. The napkins are easy to weave in plain weave using  Aurora Earth 100% cotton.

placemat weaving

The Rug Filler is now only available in Natural which will make the Rug Warp colors show up even better.

 I think I might just make a set in every color! Come join the fun!

Jodi Ybarra, your fellow Rigid Heddle weaver at Cotton Clouds.

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