Easy to Spin® Acala Cotton Sliver

Easy to Spin® Acala Cotton Sliver

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Soft & luxurious; pure white and lofty, you're going to love this ever so-easy-to spin upland cotton, known locally as Acala.

Organically grown and minimally processed especially for hand spinners with less of the essential crimp removed. This is why this "Easy-to-Spin sliver is the perfect fiber for both beginner and experienced spinner. Our Acala cotton has been finely carded into a continuous strand of cotton sliver (roving) that makes spinning so easy.

Why spin this Acala cotton over any other sliver? The pure white color makes it ideal for hand dying or for a finished product that calls for a very pure and white yarn.

Free of any plant material, you're going to be able to spin and spin and spin this cotton for hours!

The staple length of the fibers is 1.21 inches (that's long for Acala cotton) and it has a micron count of 3.84.

You'll have lots of fun spinning this cotton!