Tencel 8/2 Mini Cones

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Made from wood pulp cellulose, offering a unique combination of the most desirable properties of man-made and natural fibers.

Extremely environmentally friendly and soft as silk, strong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and as absorbent as cotton. Quite simply a “break-through” fiber.

Now with our 4 oz mini cones you have the opportunity to play with color at a very economical price!

You no longer have to buy large cones of every color to design with Tencel. These economical 4 oz cones are perfect for multi-color projects!

  • 100% Lyocell Tencel
  • Manufactured in Canada and dyed in the USA
  • 20-28 epi
  • 840 yards per cone
  • 3360 yds/lb

Colors listed as "sold out" are on backorder and will be shown as available when they are back in stock.

Customer Reviews

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Patti Calabrese
Tencel Mini Cones

They are addictive… like peanut M&M’s or potato chips.

Love this Tencel

The Tencel shines like silk, but is so much easier to work with. I'm weaving a 3 heddle scarf with doubled yarn, and the strength and lack of stickyness of the Tencel, made warping go quickly, with nice pattern definition. Lovely colors to choose from too.

Mary Paulsen
Loved it!

I wove 6 yards x 30 inches. (Baby wrap for my latest grand baby). Beautiful colours. Beautiful to handle. Lovely sheen and drape.