Cottolin 22/2

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This 22/2 Cottolin is a beautiful blend of 60% organic cotton and 40% linen. 

Cottolin weaving yarn has a great hand and comes in a gorgeous range of colors - including natural and bleached.

This yarn is conveniently put up on 900 yard tubes.

Weaving with cottolin in a simple tabby pattern will give you a nice, homespun fabric. Huck, basket & waffle weaves also work well with this yarn. 

Whenever a pattern calls for 8/2 cotton or cottolin, this is the yarn of choice.

  • Material60% Organic Cotton/40% Linen
  • Weaving Weight: 22/2 (similar to 8/2)
  • Yarn Weight: Lace
  • Approximate Yardage:  900 yds (3360 yds/lb)
  • Sett: 20-30 epi