Baby Blanket Weaving Club ~ 4 Shaft Weaving

Baby Blanket Weaving Club ~ 4 Shaft Weaving

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Join our Baby Blanket Kit of the Month Club!

Heirloom Treasures
Whether you want to gift a family member or friend a special handwoven baby blanket for their new baby or create an heirloom for your own child, these handwoven baby blanket projects are sure to make a special keepsake.

Super-Easy Care
Mothers will be delighted to know that these baby blankets are machine wash and dry! Sure to be become both mother and baby's favorite blankies!

What You Need
* 4-shaft loom; 40" weaving width (you can weave these blankets in panels with less weaving width)
*8, 10 and 12-dent reeds
*Weaving For Baby Pattern Collection Download (free from Long Thread Media)

What You Get
* All the yarns you’ll need to complete each project (each project make 2-4 baby blankets for a total of 13 baby blankets in all!)
* Access to our Facebook Kit-of-the-Month Group
* You will receive one kit each month for 6 months

What You Save
* Time choosing yarns and colors
* Hassle of gathering all the yarns and instructions
* Free Shipping on each kit shipped (Free shipping rates apply to all orders within USA)

What You Pay
* You will be billed only when kit is shipped each month                                                Membership plan is billed $139.95/month for six months

Note:  There is a $20 cancellation fee for any club that is cancelled before the 12-month membership ends.

Weaving kits that are included with club membership:

Bambu Baby Blanket Twin Set ~ makes 2 blankets

Chenille Shadow Weave Block Baby Blankets ~ makes 2 blankets

Easy Weave Caterpillar Cotton Baby Blankets ~ makes 3 blankets

Tintes of Naturales Friendship Baby Blankets ~ makes 2 blankets

Horoscope Baby Blanket ~ makes 1 blanket

M & O Baby Blankets makes 2 blankets & Color Blanket for Baby makes 1 blanket