Bumpy Bamboo Scarves

Bumpy Bamboo Scarves

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Create surprising color and texture contrast in M's & O's.

While the weave structure appears to be complex, it's quite easy to manipulate this M's & O's technique using any 4 or 6 shaft loom. You'll love the results!

You can choose to make scarf #1 in Desert Sunrise (scarf on left) or make both scarf #1 and scarf #2 in the Seaside (scarf in upper right).

Yarns: Bambu 7.

Equipment needed:  4 or 6 shaft loom; 10" weaving width; 8-dent reed; 2 shuttles

Finished size:  8 1/2" x 65" each scarf

Instructions needed: Handwoven January/February 2010 from Long Thread Media for complete instructions.

You can also find this pattern in the Autumn Weaving Pattern Pack.