Easy-to-Spin® Cinnamon Sliver

Easy-to-Spin® Cinnamon Sliver

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This Easy-to-Spin® Cotton Sliver had deep, rich cinnamon brown tones and spins up like a dream!

Easy-to-Spin® Cinnamon Sliver has been cleaned and carded with special care to leave most of the very-important-for-spinning--CRIMP-- in the fiber. This gentle handling of clean cotton fibers into a long continuous strand makes spinning oh so easy!

The long draw is best for spinning this sliver cotton.

Colored cotton is believed to have originated in the Americas around 5000 years ago in the Andes. Naturally colored cotton today mostly comes from pre-Columbian stocks created by the indigenous peoples of South America (Vreeland, 1999). Mochica Indians could be attributed with growing naturally colored cotton of myriad hues, which they maintained for over the last two millenniums on the northern coast of Peru.

You can darken the naturally brown color by soaking for 30 minutes in an ammonia bath (3/4 oz ammonia to 2 quarts hot water and small amount of detergent)and then rinsing. The color will darken to a rich dark brown when dry.

Have fun spinning cotton!

16 oz pack with spinning instructions included.