Georgia OKeeffe Color Horoscope Shawl/Scarf

Georgia OKeeffe Color Horoscope Shawl/Scarf

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Wrap yourself in a stunning shawl designed using Georgia O'Keeffe's birthdate.

Or if you prefer to weave these gorgeous colors using your own birthdate, you can order your Color Horoscope Instruction Packet from Bonnie Tarses for an additional charge.

The colors are as breathtaking as the New Mexico landscapes she painted!

We've wound off just the right amount of our Bambu solid and variegated yarns and included the Warp Color Sequence needed (provided by Bonnie Tarses) along with all the warping, weaving and finishing you'll need so that you can begin weaving immediately!

Bambu 7 Solid Georgia O'Keeffe shawl is 24"x 84", includes Bonnie's unique, "Almost Ikat" technique instructions to include variegated yarns and is woven with a beautiful red weft.

These Georgia O'Keeffe Convergence Commemorative Color Horoscope Weaving kits will be available as a limited edition, so order yours today! You'll be inspired by one of this centuries most imaginative artists!

If you have any questions about the weaving of this kit contact Bonnie Tarses directly. She will be happy to answer your questions.

Weave structure:  plain weave

Yarns: Bambu 7, Bambu 7 Variegated & Bambu 12

Equipment: 4 shaft loom; 28" weaving width; 10 dent reed; 140 heddles per harness; warp length 3 1/2 yds,

Instructions:  included with kit

Designed by Bonnie Tarses