LoLo Body Bar

LoLo Body Bar

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This is the most effective, longest-lasting, best smelling moisturizer available!

It's the eco-luscious LoLo Bar. 

A LoLo Bar is an artisan-quality moisturizer made from locally sourced beeswax and skin-loving oils and butter.

The moisturizer deeply penetrates the skin and lasts through multiple hand washings. Once applied, and you experience the feel and the scent, everything will take on an additional sensory dimension.

Double your pleasure and scrunch in hair for shine and frizz control! 

Packaging:  eco-friendly container; recycle or repurpose     
Recommendations: use on clean skin, great for massage
Free of: parabens, mineral oil, water, gluten, alcohol
Size: 2.5 oz

Available Scents:

2.5 oz Lavender