Love My Knots Tapestry Club

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Join our Love My Knots Tapestry Kit-of-the-Month Club and receive irresistible yarn bundles for your tapestry weaving projects throughout the year!

Each of our 12 tapestry kits will allow you to create beautiful decor for your home while playing with a variety of colors & textures.

What You Get              

  • A large collection of yarn, roving, and white rug warp to create a beautifully unique woven tapestry.
  • Tips and hints to add creativity to your tapestry weaving.

What You Save
* Time choosing yarns and colors
* Hassle of gathering all the yarns needed
* Free Shipping on each kit in the club (Free shipping rates apply to all orders within USA)

What You Pay
*You will be billed $49.94/month for your 12 month membership

Weaving kits that are included with club membership:

Earthy Boho


Blue Jean Dream


Desert Rain

Morning Glory

Moody Sunset


Coral Waves

Lake Day

Painted Desert

Sunshine on My Mind

*Colors of yarn may slightly vary from photos.

Join our Love My Knots Tapestry Club June
28th - June 30th
and get a free basket to display all your beautiful yarn bundles!