Peace of My Heart Prayer Shawl in Tencel 8/2

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 New Fabric!
This gorgeous shimmering fabric will light up any prayer session with joy and heartfelt tenderness.

Sarah's Design
Sarah Jackson has cleverly designed this Tencel 8/2 fabric using the same motif and design as in her Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl .

Shimmering Drape
We chose Tencel 8/2 , for it's shimmering light-reflective qualities and with a silky-soft feel.
The resulting fabric is not as feather-light weight as the Bambu 12. It has much more body and drapes beautifully.

Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl
Click HERE to learn more the Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl that inspired this Tencel 8/2 version.

Symbols of Life Woven Into the Fabric
Sarah chose a shadow weave draft with a motif evocative of cross wood grain which reminds us of the seasons of growth and change in our lives. The shape is also reminiscent of a pomegranate, a fruit with various cultural-religious significance as a symbol of life and beauty and unity.

What You'll Need:
*Tencel 8/2 YarnPack (order below)
*4-shaft loom
*25" weaving width
*10 dpi reed
*2 boat shuttles & 2 bobbins
**Click here to Purchase and download the pattern from Etsy Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl - Tencel Variation - PDF pattern #44 by Sarah Jackson Designs*.

Tencel 8/2 Yarn Pack
We've packaged just the right amount of the yarns you'll need to weave this 20" x 80" plus 5" fringe on each end.
Choose from a beautiful vibrant Nightfalls (Aqua and Iris) or Daybreak (Adobe and Amethyst). Order Yarn Pack below.

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Prayer for Hope!
An additional element will make this Weave-Along unlike any other: You will be encouraged to share your prayers and poems; your hopes and dreams as you weave them into your fabric; prayers for ourselves, for other individuals, for our families, for our communities, and for our world.

You are Invited!
Now, more than ever, it is vital for us to stay connected with other weavers; to nourish our souls by weaving beautiful fabrics; to create gifts of love filled with the hopes and dreams we have for ourselves and for those we love; to look to the future with hope, and to encourage each other. We need each other. Together we are stronger.

Sarah Jackson Interview
We asked Sarah about her inspiration for designing this Prayer Shawl. Read our latest blog: Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl - Sarah Jackson Interview .

Thank You!
Cotton Clouds thanks you for your continued support for over 40 years in good times and not. Sarah Jackson thanks you for your encouragement as you've joined her Weave-Alongs and purchased her patterns. Together we are so grateful to have you as a dedicated weaver.