Pom Pom Doll Kit

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Create the fluffiest Pom Pom Dolls in every color with our fun craft kit!

These adorable Pom Pom Dolls will bring joy to any child (or adult!) with their fun textures, colors, and handmade love.

Kit Includes:

XL Pom Pom Maker

1 skein of textured yarns (wool and cotton)

Small wooden beads, colored beads and large wooden beads

Written directions for making your Pom Pom Dolls

What you will need:



*Kit makes 1 Pom Pom Doll

**Kit option of "Yarn & Beads" will include everything you need to make 1 doll, except the Pom Pom Maker Tool.  This kit option is great if you already have a pom pom maker, or want to make multiple colors of dolls after ordering the full size kit with the pom pom maker tool.

Designed by Jessica Ybarra

Watch our Pom Pom Doll Video Tutorial!