Rainbow Wall Hanging Kits

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Life is a work of art, make yours colorful! 

This Rainbow Weaving Kit gives you the most perfect reason to fill your life with colorful rainbows.  Each kit gives you enough yarn, roving and warp string to make a rainbow weaving on a 13" x 9" frame loom.  

Woven rainbow, including fringe, is approximately 12"x 24"

Colors of yarn may vary slightly from photo. Kit will create a rainbow in shades of pinks and purples.

We have just what you need to start your weaving adventure.  You have the option of ordering just the yarns needed if you already have a frame loom, or you can order a kit with all the yarns needed plus a loom.  You can weave this project on either a small or large frame loom. 

Small Frame Loom

Large Frame Loom