Turned Taquete Towels

Turned Taquete Towels

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These thick dish towels are woven in a surprisingly powerful weave structure that provides two design blocks on just four shafts with our Pearly Perle 10/2 100% mercerized cotton.

In turned taqueté, two warp colors alternate one-and-one
throughout. The alternation changes from dark/light in one
block to light/dark in the next, so that when one color weaves
on the face in the first block, the other color weaves on the face
in the second, or vice versa.

Kit makes four hemmed towels, 17 1⁄2" by 24" each.

E.P.I. 30; P.P.I. 20

Width in reed 20 1⁄8"

Available in color shown: (Orange, Red and Purple)

You will need either Best of Handwoven: A Dozen Projects in 10/2 Cotton

or Handwoven May/June 2000 from Long Thread Media for complete instructions.

Designed by Betsy Blumenthal