Winter Celebration Runner

Winter Celebration Runner

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This runner represents the morning after an overnight snowfall.

When first looking out the window you see only the fresh white surfaces. A closer look reveals signs of winter with chickadees at the bird feeders and dried flowers lying in the snow. The various shades of green and dark to light browns are combined in the winter celebration of colors that are right before our eyes.

Fabric Description: plain with 3/1 twill stripes woven on 8 shafts

Yarns Aurora Earth 100% cotton

Finished Dimensions: makes one runner 11.25" x 53.5"

EPI: 18 in plain weave; 24 in twill stripes
Width in reed: 14 1/3"

You will need to download Best of Handwoven Top Ten Table Runners on Eight Shafts for all warping and weaving instructions.

Designed by: Sharon Alderman