A Seed Was Planted

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Did you know that Cotton Clouds was born at the biennial meeting of spinners and weavers? There was a Convergence ’78 in Fort Collins, Colorado, when a young and aspiring spinner, Irene Laughing Cloud Schmoller,  took a 5 day workshop from the gurus of cotton spinning, Harry & Olive Linder.

That was me!  I fell in love with everything cotton…….it’s natural comfort, it’s ease of spinning (yes, to you wool spinners, cotton is easy to spin, once you get to know this baby!), it’s shape in the cotton boll, it’s history dating back thousands of years in the old and new world and the Linders themselves, who had traveled all over the world studying indigenious cotton spinners.  I loved cotton then and I love it as much and more now.

So Cotton Clouds was born then. . 

It’s a great story of how from that seed of inspiration I have grown a mail order yarn business that serves spinners and weavers all over the world.

Irene Laughing Cloud

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