Chai Latte Towels

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Join me in weaving these Chai Latte Towels!

Let’s get started!

Pull up a chair and fill your mug with your favorite tea. Let’s sip (and weave) away! You’re going to love the refreshing simple design and the spaced textured stripes using three different yarns!

Texture & Thickness

Ever want to explore the affect and behavior of yarns by mixing different yarn textures and thicknesses? You will get to do just that when weaving the Chai Latte Towels on your rigid heddle loom.

Chai Latte Yarns

It’s fun to experience weaving with different yarn textures and thicknesses!

You will get to mix three different yarns in the Chai Latte Towels.

Aurora Earth 8/2 is a versatile yarn known for it’s handspun look and feel. It’s my “go to” yarn when weaving towels on my rigid heddle loom.

Caterpillar Variegated Cotton adds lots of color, texture and interest to handwoven projects. This gorgeous 100% cotton, variegated dyed yarn has a beautiful crimped, spiral plied texture. Caterpillar Cotton creates a beautiful medley of complementary colors.

I’ve also added stripes of Monte Cristo Boucle that add even MORE texture and interest to these towels. You’re going to love the softness of Monte Cristo! It is a lofty, 100% combed cotton, highly textured boucle yarn!

The Joys of Plain Weave

Once you have these three different yarn types warped on your loom you can weave in a basic plain weave structure and enjoy the rhythm of the easy motion that plain weave offers.

When weaving a plain weave project you will need to consider how you want your fabric to feel. Do you want a lofty fabric or a strong, sturdy fabric. When weaving towels you will want to achieve something just in between. You don’t want your towel to be too loosely woven but you also don’t want a stiff fabric that will be rough on your hands.

What is epi and ppi?

The Chai Latte Towels are woven with 10 epi and 10 ppi. The “epi and “ppi” determine the smoothness, comfort, thickness, durability, strength and even drape of the fabric.

The epi (ends per inch) is how many ends or threads you have in your warp per inch. The ppi (picks per inch) is how many picks or rows per inch in the weft. When epi and ppi are the same, the fabric is a balanced weave. That’s just what we want to achieve for weaving these Chai Latte Towels.


Watch my video!

Sometimes, watching someone else’s hand movements helps. You’ll see the interesting way I’ve put together three different yarns to get a soft and textured kitchen towel. We will go over warping with different textures and keeping a balanced weave.

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Whether you are new to weaving or have been enjoying this craft for a long time, you’ll love this quick and easy Chai Latte Towel project.

Happy Weaving!

Jodi Ybarra

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