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Come join the fun with Jodi Ybarra!

I am so excited to introduce my newest weaving adventure to all of my fellow rigid heddle weavers! You are going to love these new yarns and the super-soft towels we will be weaving!

Inspiring Variegated Yarn!

When I first saw the six new colors of  Caterpillar Variegated Cotton yarns, I immediately saw all sorts of possibilities. I was so excited with these color combinations that I ran to the shelves choosing other Cotton Clouds yarns that I could use. So many patterns and designs were forming in my mind. WOW! It’s so fun mixing solid colors to coordinate with the variegated yarns. I hope you love them as much as I do! Aren’t they gorgeous?

Wonderfully Absorbent Towels!

The yarns used in the new Super Soft Cotton Towels are sure to please. We’ve combined Caterpillar Variegated Cotton with Aurora Earth 8/2 cottons, an Organic 5/3 Cotton, and Cotton Tail 8/4 to produce super-soft and colorful towels. You will love how wonderfully absorbent these towels are!

Learn New Pick-Up Techniques!

With each throw of the shuttle, I am amazed at how these variegated colors bring each towel to life. Even the simplest plain weave offers so much possibility. By adding some pick-up techniques you can take the variations even further. With a few shuttles, a pick-up stick and these unique variegated yarns my pattern designs will show you how to weave the most intricate designs.

Guaranteed Success

The step-by-step instructions for all twelve Super Soft Cotton Towels are easy-to-follow and understand, even if you are new to rigid heddle weaving. I have addressed some of the questions you have been asking in the patterns for the Year of Towels and Weaving Though the Seasons and include hints and tips to avoid any road blocks. All will be smooth sailing.

Get Your Weaving MOJO on!

Both Irene & I believe that the more you weave the more confidence you will gain. The Joy of Weaving will be why you do it. There is a natural rhythm of warping, threading and weaving that will bring so much satisfaction. That is why we believe so strongly in joining a club to keep your weaving mojo going month after month after month.

I’m Here For You!

I love talking with other rigid heddle weavers!  Should you run into any difficulties just email me.   I’m here to answer any of your questions whether it’s about ordering or any part of the warping and weaving process! My goal is to help make your rigid heddle weaving experience fun and successful!

I’ve been designing and writing rigid heddle patterns for many years, some featured in Little Looms and Handwoven magazines.  My Year of Towels Kit-of-the-Month Club and Weaving Through the Seasons Kit-of-the-Month Club are cherished by rigid heddle weavers worldwide.  I take great care in writing clear, step-by-step instructions that even the very beginning rigid heddle weaver can follow.

Join NOW!

Cotton Clouds makes ordering easy! Just click over to our SuperSoftCotton Towel Kit-of-the-Month webpage and choose either the basic membership to weave two towels or the deluxe membership to weave four towels each month on your rigid heddle loom! We’ll do the rest. Each month you’ll receive a new towel kit with just the right amount (plus some) of yarns in colors you’ll love along with complete step-by-step instructions!

Come join the fun! Be sure to join our Cotton Clouds Kit-of-the-Month Club Group on Facebook where you will connect with other club members, share photos of your finished projects along with lots of hints, tips and inspiration! You will enjoy a fun-filled year of weaving!

Added Bonus!

After a year of weaving you will have a gorgeous stack of handwoven super-soft and absorbent kitchen towels that you’ll be proud to give for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts or any special occasion.  Join the club to weave either two or four towels each month and you’ll have enough to keep some for yourself too!

Happy Weaving,

Jodi Ybarra

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