Waffle Weave Towels on my Rigid Heddle Loom

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I love weaving on my Rigid Heddle Loom and I love making towels!

Stripes, plaid, checkered and now waffle weave!

You can’t imagine how excited I was when I realized that waffle weave can be achieved on a 2 shaft loom, using plain weave and just one pick-up stick.

Aurora Earth 8/2 cotton is the basic yarn used in these towels.  Two strands are held together to warp 400 ends in a 10 dent reed.

I used for the warp Aurora Earth Solid  and Aurora Earth Variegated for the weft.

It was amazing to see the textured squares form with an easy pick up stick sequence. Here is the method I used for these towels:

1. Heddle down

2. Heddle up with pick up stick brought forward

3. Heddle down

4. Heddle up

5. Heddle in neutral position, pick up stick brought forward and turned on edge.

6. Heddle up

I know that I will be using this technique on more that just towels!

If you have a 4 Shaft Loom you may want to check out our Waffle Weave Towel Kit from Design Collection 18.  (Design Collection 18 is available from Interweave Press in a Download Version)

This Waffle Weave design is also used in the Waffle Weave Runner/Placemats featured in Handwoven May/June 2010.

Thank you for weaving 2 shaft projects with me!

Your fellow Rigid Heddle Weaver, 

Jodi Ybarra

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