Gypsy Chenille Mini Cones

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Our Gypsy Chenille is the best quality chenille on the market. We guarantee it!

Now available on these 4 oz / 325 yd mini cones so that you can mix and match these fabulous colors at a fraction of the cost of buying full size cones.

Create soft sensuous fabrics that are lightweight, drape beautifully and are easily laundered.

Gypsy Chenille is strong enough for warp and weft, every standard knitting machine and the finest hand knitting and crochet.

Gypsy Chenille Color Cards are available with yarn samples of every color.  These color cards are helpful when looking for a precise color.  The color card collection also serves as a color reference and library to stimulate design ideas.

1300 yds/lb 

We feature Gypsy Chenille in many of our quick and easy weaving
kits including our Gypsy Chenille Scarf, Chenille Throw and Chenille Baby Blanket Kits.