8/2 Cotton Variegated 4 oz Cones

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8/2 Cotton Variegated is a beautiful unmercerized cotton.  Great for weaving and standard-gauge or fine-gauge machine knitting.

These mini cones weigh 4 oz at 840 yards.

Versatile for every type of towel, table linen and style of clothing. Strong enough for warp and weft and machine knitting.

Works great with our Aurora Earth 8/2 unmercerized cotton which comes in a spectrum of colors to mix perfectly with these variegated color combinations.

Weaving Aurora Earth in a simple tabby pattern will give you a nice, homespun fabric. Huck, basket & waffle weaves also work well with this 8/2.

Aurora Earth can be used for knitting and crochet single strand for very fine work or multi stranded.

3360 yards/lb