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Acton Creative's

Shadow Weave Towels 

This is a charming set of towels in a shadow weave pattern. The project incorporates four colors in Aurora Earth cottons to achieve that fascinating "shadow" effect. 

This project can be woven on your 4-shaft loom or Rigid Heddle loom. Chris Acton designed the multi-shaft instructions, and Michele Marshall converted the pattern for rigid heddle weavers. No matter what style of loom you have, you can join in the fun!

We are offering four color options for these yarn packs. Each combination is curated to show off the "shadow" effect in this pattern. 

You can also "Choose Your Own Colors" for this kit by selecting this option in the drop-down menu. Just tell us what colors from our Aurora Earth yarns that you would like in your kit in the comment section of the shopping cart.

Weave structure:  Shadow Weave

Yarns: Aurora Earth 8/2 Cottons with four color options to choose from. Use the drop-down menus to choose colors along with two or four towel options.

Chocolate Hearts: Beauty Rose, Special Pink, Chocolate, and Beige
Mysterious: Black, Charcoal, Beige, and White
Mountain Morning:  China Blue, Baby Blue, Chocolate, and Beige
Fall Forest: Dark Green, Mint, Gold, and Champagne 

Equipment needed:
4-shaft or rigid heddle loom: 12" weaving width; 12 or 8 dent reed (these reed sizes are recommended but any size reed can be used); 2 shuttles.

See this reed substitution chart for help when using alternate reed sizes.

Rigid Heddle loom: 15.5” weaving width, two 12.5 dent heddles, heddle rod
with 48 string heddles, pick-up stick (minimum 16” in length), 3-5 stick shuttles. Note: you can easily use two 12 dent heddles rather than 12.5 dent; your project will have a slightly wider width.

Note: The rigid heddle version is designed for the more advanced weaver and uses two heddles along with string heddles and a pick-up stick. The instructions are written out step-by-step so if you have a few projects under your belt and are ready to move up to the next level from a beginner, this project is for you!

Instructions needed: Visit Acton Creative at for the instructions along with purchase options for multi shaft with or without video, and rigid heddle instructions.  Although this weave along was in October 2023, you can still purchase the pattern.

October 2023 Weave-Along Instructions - Multi-Shaft

October 2023 Weave-Along Instructions & Video - Multi-Shaft

October 2023 WAL Instructions - Rigid Heddle

Finished size: either two or four hemmed towels 11.5" x 22" (4-shaft), or 13.5" x 22" (rigid heddle) after wet finishing. Use the drop down menu to choose the kit with either two or four towels.

Note:  This kit includes all yarns needed to weave these towels. The pattern can be purchased at  You will need to purchase the pattern separately or follow the Acton Creative Weave-Along for more design ideas. There will also be a Facebook group and YouTube videos available for this weave-along!

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