Acton Creative ~ April 2024 Weave Along ~ Undulating Twill Runner Yarn Pack

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You're invited to participate in the April 2024 Acton Creative Weave Along!

The Acton Creative Weave Along comes with just two guidelines - we all start & finish a project in the month of April, and we all incorporate the same weave structure. This time around, the pattern is undulating twill and the project is a Spring inspired table runner!

You can weave this project on either rigid heddle or 4-shaft loom by choosing the pattern that is best suited for you.  

Cotton Clouds has made it easy with a yarn pack that coordinates with this pattern!  

The April 2024 Weave Along ~ Undulating Twill Runner project materials include four colors of 8/4 cotton yarn.  Choose from Green Garden, Blue Sky, or Purple Pansy.

Green Garden: Loden, Myrtle Green, Aqua, Ivory

Blue Sky: Dark Navy, Royal, Colonial Blue, Ivory

Purple Pansy: Eggplant, Purple, Lavender, Ivory

Rustic Southwest: Mahogany, Dark Brown, Peach, Ecru.

Choose Your Own: Choose any four colors in our 8/4 Rug Warp Cottons.

We offer made to order color combinations.  Choose any four colors from our 8/4 Cottons and let us know your selections in the comment section of the shopping cart. If you need help or have questions about choosing colors that work best together, just drop me an email at

Step 1: Join Acton Creative's April Weave Along.

Step 2: Purchase the pattern or choose your own undulating twill design.

Step 3: Gather your supplies or purchase this yarn pack.

Step 4: Weave with Acton Creative all through April!

Weave structure: Undulating Twill

Equipment needed for 4-shaft loom: 13" weaving width, reed to achieve 16 epi (2 per dent in 8-dent or any reed for 16 epi), 1 shuttle.

Equipment needed for rigid heddle loom: 13.75" weaving width; two 8-dent (or 7.5 dent) heddles, a heddle rod, and a pick-up stick; 2 shuttles. 

Yarn Pack Includes: 8/4 Cottons in four coordinating colors

Instructions needed: This pattern is sold separately from this yarn pack and is available from Acton Creative in either 4-shaft or rigid heddle.  Click on the links below to order your PDF Pattern in either 4-shaft or rigid heddle with option for video tips.

Finished size: one runner approximately 10-1/2" wide x 52" long

The instructions come in a downloadable PDF or a combo of instructions with video tips.  These instructions are sold separately from this yarn pack.

You can purchase the patterns directly from Acton Creative by using the following links. These links will also tell you more about this project.

AWAL 2024 Multi-shaft Instructions

AWAL 2024 Rigid Heddle Instructions

AWAL 2024 Multi-shaft Instructions & Video Tips

AWAL 2024 Rigid Heddle Instructions & Video Tips

This yarn pack includes all the yarns needed to weave this runner.  The pattern is sold separately from Acton Creative.  Use the links provided above to purchase these patterns.

To learn more about the April Weave Along Program, click this link to go to the "Weave Along Central Page" for all the details.

Visit Acton Creative on YouTube to follow the April Weave Along!

We hope you will join us!

Photos by Chris Acton and Michele Marshall


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