Bambu 7 Mini Cones

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Bambu 7 is now available on convenient mini cones.

These mini cones allow you to design with lots of color!

Bambu 7 is made from bamboo, a renewable resource grown without pesticides or fertilizers and processed much like rayon yarns.

You're going to love the smooth, rayon-like texture of Bambu 7 as well as the fantastic drape! It makes the most beautiful scarves, shawls and baby blankets.

Ideal for mid-gauge machine knitting, hand knitting, weaving and crochet.

  • 525/yd mini cones
  • plain weave: 10-16 epi 
  • twill 16-18 epi
  • 100% Bamboo

Bambu 7 Color Cards are available with yarn samples of every color.  These color cards are helpful when looking for a precise color.  The color card collection also serves as a color reference and library to stimulate design ideas.