Bits & Bobs Cotton Towels

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Vibrant Colors That Inspire
A bit of sunny! ...a bit of fresh! ...and a bob of cheerful! They are as fresh as a summer breeze!

A Design Challenge
These happy towels, woven on four shafts, were inspired by the fresh, bright colors in a magazine article. Sarah's usual preference is for rich, saturated colors, but she was intrigued by the challenge to design something based on this lighter palette (including white which she normally steers away from). And with Spring right around the corner, she knew these would be a set of towels you will love weaving!

Design Inspiration
A twill variation Sarah had been admiring in Janet Phillips' book, Designing Woven Fabrics, proved to be a good fit for the towel design she had in mind. While many weft colors worked well in the sample she settled on six diverse colors to present as much variety as possible in the pattern.

What's in the name?
The pattern name, Bits & Bobs, comes from the round orange glass container in the photo which is described as a Bits and Bobs Storage Container. Bits and bobs, defined as things or objects of different kinds, seemed a just-right name for the diverse colors of these towels.

What You'll Need
*Purchase and download from Etsy Sarah Jackson's Bits & Bobs PDF pattern
*4-Shaft loom 20" weaving width
*EPI: 24 epi (2/per dent in a 12-dent reed)
*PPI: 24 ppi (weft)
*One shuttle
*One bobbin

What You Get
This yarn pack contains generous amounts of all 13 colorfast colors you'll need to complete a set of 6 unique towels using our best selling , top quality 100% unmercerized cotton, 8/2 Aurora Earth yarns.
*Warp Yarns - generous amounts of all seven warp colors, with main colors wound on two spools for easier warping.
*Weft Yarns - generous amounts of all six colors you'll need to weave 6 unique towels.
*Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

What You Save
*Time, Money, Hassles!
Because this exclusively designed kit contains all the colors you'll need to weave in one package, you won't have to spend extra time or money searching out just the right combination of colors that make these towels so unique.

Six Gorgeous Towels
Each towel is unique! You'll be able to weave a set of six generous sized kitchen towels (17.5" x 25") . They are machine wash and dryable, strong and versatile. Sure to become your favorite treasured heirlooms to keep a few for yourself and have enough to gift to loved ones.