Rigid Heddle Bumberet Inspired Towels

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Traditionally Bumberet Towels are woven on a 4 shaft loom and are threaded in groups of three. These towels have brought bumberet to rigid heddle weavers!

The use of a pick-up stick creates a richly textured and eye catching towel reminiscent of a traditional bumberet towel.

Choose to weave a set in red or green.  Can't decide??? Save $10 and weave both!

Weave structure: texture weave

Yarns: Aurora Earth 8/2 Cotton

Equipment needed: rigid heddle loom; 24” weaving width, 10 dent reed, 4 stick shuttles or boat shuttle with extra bobbins, 1 pick-up stick.

Instructions:  Available from Rogue Weaver

Pattern is sold separately and available from Rogue Weaver.

Skill Level: The pattern is a simple repeat but does requires extra patience to warp.

Finished size:  two towels approximately 19”x 30”

Designed by Tammy Bast at Rogue Weaver