Clouds of Cotton Overshot Towels

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The overshot pattern in this set of towels is a draft named exclusively for Cotton Clouds! 

A name draft is created by assigning letters to the shafts and then figuring out the treadling pattern from there.  So, while you might see a similar overshot pattern, this one is unique for Cotton Clouds.

So often when we make towels, we assume that the weft color has to be the same as the warp color.  Not so!!!  In this case the dark wine is blended with the light orange.  This softens and lightens the overall color of the towel and really enriches the color.

Weave structure:  overshot

Equipment needed: 4 shaft loom; 15.25” weaving width; 10 dent reed; 2 shuttles

Warp & Weft Yarns: Aurora Earth 8/2 Cottons Wine and Light Orange; Cotton Rug Warp Ivory 

Finished Dimensions: 13” x 24.5” each towel hemmed

Other supplies: matching sewing thread for hems

Instructions:  You will receive a pattern download and a printed version that will be included in your kit.  

This is a pattern exclusively designed for Cotton Clouds by Susan Kesler Simpson.

Susan is the author of Shadow Weave SimplyCreative Treadling with Overshot and Overshot Simply.

Customer Reviews

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Linda Schotka-Johnson
Love it, but ....

A couple things could have been included into the instructions.
1. I would have said that the warp end count is 303 plus two floating selvages.
2. Add a heddle count.

In the end, they came out beautifully.