Color Blanket for Baby

Color Blanket for Baby

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Weave your love for a treasured little one with the Color Blanket for a Baby Kit.

What better way for a child to learn colors than from a beloved blanket?

A "color blanket" is a sampler woven in warp stripes of different colors crossed by weft stripes of the same colors to form squares of each combination.

Yarns: 8/2 Aurora Earth 100% cotton for warp; Pearly Perle 3/2 for the weft.

Weave Structure: Overshot

Equipment: 4-Shaft loom; 37 3/10" weaving width

Setts: epi: 15 ppi: 26 (13 tabby, 13 pattern)

Finished Dimensions: one hemmed blanket 31" by 46".

Instructions needed: Color Blanket for Baby Pattern from Long Thread Media.