Color Blanket for Baby

Color Blanket for Baby

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This weaving kit includes all the yarns needed to weave this Color Blanket for Baby that were designed by Lynne Greaves for Handwoven, May/June 1993, pages 67, 89-90.

Weave your love for a treasured little one with the Color Blanket for a Baby Kit.

What better way for a child to learn colors than from a beloved blanket?

A "color blanket" is a sampler woven in warp stripes of different colors crossed by weft stripes of the same colors to form squares of each combination.

Weave Structure: Overshot

Yarns: 8/2 Aurora Earth cottons in Royal Blue, Bright Red, Kelly Green, Gold, and White for warp ; Perle 3/2 White for the weft.

Equipment: 4-Shaft loom; 37 3/10" weaving width

Setts: epi: 15 ppi: 26 (13 tabby, 13 pattern)

Finished Dimensions: one hemmed blanket 31" by 46".

Instructions needed: Color Blanket for Baby Pattern from Long Thread Media. Originally published in Handwoven May/June 1993.

Note:  This kit includes all yarns needed to weave this baby blanket.  The pattern can be found in the Handwoven magazine noted above.  You will need to purchase this magazine if you don't already own a copy.

Photos by Joe Coca