Color Horoscope Shawls

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Weave a Rainbow!

Imagine weaving the colors of the rainbow into your own uniquely designed Color Horoscope Shawl!

What makes your shawl unique?
We provide you with twelve yarn colors. Each color represents a planet or sign of the Zodiac. The Warp Order Color Sequence is based on how each planet or sign was lined up at the moment of your birth!

How do you know your Warp Color Sequence?
Once you receive your Color Horoscope Kit with the twelve yarn colors, you will contact 
Bonnie Tarses to order her Color Horoscope Instruction Packet. For a small fee she will chart the sequence based on your date and place of birth. You'll warp your fabric using the 12 colors we provide. Yes, there is enough for everyone's horoscope!

Contact Bonnie Tarses for your own personal horoscope.

Don't want to weave your own horoscope?
Bonnie's written the Warp Color Sequence for Cotton Clouds', Irene Schmoller, Mary Atwater (renowned weaver) and Georgia O'Keeffe. You can find the first two in the Handwoven Magazine - Nov/Dec 2009 and the O'Keeffe horoscope is available as a separate kit.  You can also use the 12 color sequence in a random color scheme.

What yarn choices do you have?
LOTS! We have Bambu 7, Bambu 12, Rayon Chenille and Tencel 8/2 Color Weaving Horoscope kits for you to choose from. We even have one for your favorite baby! They're all so soft and luscious to wrap yourself or your favorite baby in. The colors are vibrant and eye-catching.

Give it a try!
You'll be amazed at how wonderful an heirloom you can create on your own 4-shaft loom.