Trick or Treat Towels

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Creating a yarn color palette is exciting but the process can be daunting if you're not sure how to combine colors in weaving.  We've made it easy with these Trick or Treat Towel color combinations!

These towels are inspired by our Aurora Earth Bundles that take the guesswork out of choosing colors. Aurora Earth Bundles together with this Trick or Treat Towel pattern make a perfect match!  

Be sure to read all about this month's challenge on our Trick or Treat Blog Post.

You can also weave the Trick or Treat Towels on your 4-shaft loom.  We've included over 200 extra yards in each of the colors which will allow you the extra warp needed for your floor loom.  I would suggest warping 3 yards rather than 2.75 yards since 4-shaft looms take a little extra waste and take up.  You can choose to weave this in plain weave or twill.

Shown in Saltwater Taffy, but we have given you lots of color options to coordinate with your own color palette.  

Saltwater TaffyNatural, Light Cocoa, Duck, Peach, Beige, Nile, Rose 
Hey Boo!: Natural, Light Orange, Rose Red, Gold, Purple, Orange, Periwinkle
Autumn Leaves: Natural, Lt Orange, Plum Green, Gold, Cinnamon, Dk Green, Lt Brown
Embers: Natural, Lipstick, Light Orange, Wine, Orange, Chocolate, Rust
Mushroom Medley: Natural, Plum Green, Dk Green, Lipstick, Black, Bright Red, Lt Brown
Sweater Weather: Natural, Peach, Aqua, Light Cocoa, Rose, Duck, Light Orange
Apple Cider: Natural. Light Cocoa, Lipstick, Antique Gold, Peach, Light Brown, Wine
Scarecrow: Natural, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Dark Green, Light Brown, Wine, Turk
Coffee Shop: Natural, Rust, Light Cocoa, Chocolate, Beige, Cinnamon, Light Brown
Caffeine Queen: Natural, Rose Red, Pink, Beige, Beauty Rose, Chocolate, Lt Brown

Weave structure: plain weave

Equipment needed:  Rigid Heddle Loom (2-shaft); 21.5” weaving width; 10 dent reed; 3-7 shuttles (one shuttle with doubled natural plus extra shuttles for doubled weft yarns and one more shuttle with single strand for hems)

Yarns:  Aurora Earth 8/2 100% unmercerized cotton.  This kit includes six colors along with natural.  We've included extra yardage in each of the six colors so that you can weave these towels in stripes or plaid or one of each.  There are so many colors and lots of extra yardage to play with!

Instructions: Complete, step-by-step instructions included and you can also download this pattern for your weaving library.

Finished size:  two towels 17” x 26” hemmed

Designed by Jodi Ybarra

Photos by Jessica Ybarra

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Vickie Litterell
Great Kit!

The first kit was so great that I decided to get another color way!


Always excellent product and service!