Colour & Weave Tea Towels

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This weaving kit includes all the yarns needed to weave these Colour & Weave Tea Towels that were designed by Tammy Bast at Rogue Weaver.

Plain weave does not equal boring. With just a little extra work warping and 3 shuttles to weave, these “plain” weave towels are anything but plain! 

Weave structure: plain weave

Yarns: Aurora Earth 8/2 Cotton

Note:  colors vary slightly from picture.

Rosey:  Rose Red, Winter Green and Gold

Turquoise:  Light Turk, Silver and Dark Navy

Note: The Rosey towels were originally woven with 2/8 cotton from Brassard and the turquoise towels were originally woven with boucle cotton.  We have substituted our Aurora Earth 8/2 cottons for both towel kits.

Equipment needed: rigid heddle loom; 24” weaving width, 10 dent reed, 3 stick shuttles or boat shuttle with extra bobbins.

Skill Level:  This is suitable for anyone who has woven a few projects independently.

Finished size:  two towels appox 18" x 26" hemmed

Instructions needed:  Colour & Weave Tea Towels by Rogue Weaver

Note:  This kit includes all yarns needed to weave these towels.  The pattern can be found in the link supplied above at The Rogue Weaver.  You will need to purchase this pattern separately.

Designed by Tammy Bast at The Rogue Weaver