Potholder Loom Kits

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Busy Hands Makes Happy Hearts
Weavers of all ages love to weave on our vintage Potholder Loom! Get ready to spend hours and hours crafting potholders that you will be proud to give to everyone you know!

Quality Loops
Every loop works! Unlike inexpensive polyester dime-store loops that tend to break or not fit the loom, each of our Superior Cotton Loops are manufactured with recycled cotton yarns and made on old sock machines in the USA! Kids love them!

Kid Friendly Colors
Kids love to create their own designs with our 12 bright primary rainbows colors. Order extra white or black to make the colors pop!

Sturdy Loom
Our USA-Made Potholder Loom is metal, not plastic! We’ve improved the peg design so the loops won’t slip off while weaving. Teach kids to appreciate quality!

Two Looms to Choose From

  • Traditional Loom & Loops (makes six 6" potholders)
  • Pro Loom & Loops (makes two 8" potholders)

Kits includes metal potholder loom, weaving tool, step-by-step instructions and Primary Rainbow loops.  

Potholder Book of Designs

We also offer the Potholder Loom Designs Book.  This exciting book has easy and clear instructions on how to make so many potholder designs!  There are endless possibilities!  You’ll enjoy 140 colorful patterns, both in Traditional and PRO sizes.  It's the book that will bring inspiration for all or your potholder designs. 

Fun & Educational All-In-One!
Not only are these potholders fun to make, they provide children with hours to create with color and texture. It's excellent for eye-hand coordination and when they start giving them as gifts, they'll learn compassion and the importance of industry.  Potholder weaving is a great project, even if you've never woven before.