Cotton Spinning Home Studio Workshop

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Our Cotton Spinning Home Studio Workshop is for you!

This Home Studio includes our beautifully boxed All About Cotton Kit with USA-grown, Pima and Upland lint along with our Easy-to-Spin cotton slivers and cotton punis from India.

We've also included our brass Tahkli Spindle, ideal for spinning all of our cottons. It's a supported spindle that needs nothing more than a few good spins to get you spinning with ease! And our exclusive Spindle Bowl to keep your Tahkli spinning and spinning and spinning.

We've also included step-by-step, illustrated spinning instructions plus lots more educational information about cotton.

What makes this Home Studio Workshop so special is the addition of cotton guru and spinning teacher, Joan Ruane's DVD, Cotton Spinning with a Takli. In it you will find everything you need to know from preparing your cotton fibers, to spinning beautiful singles and plying the yarns along with helpful hints and tips on preparing your cotton yarn for dyeing and the final end project design. Joan truly shows you how easy it is to spin cotton!

Also included is Handspinning Cotton by Harry & Olive Linder, the only book solely devoted to cotton spinning and recently updated and reprinted by Joan Ruane and Cotton Clouds.

Having all the resources and materials you'll need to learn to spin cotton will convince you that spinning cotton is not only fun, but it's really quite easy once you get the hang of it. Happy Spinning!