Country Rustic Towels

Country Rustic Towels

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These towels are woven in the weave structure crackle, offering the unique capacity of different color combinations for a variety of towels.

Yarns: Aurora Earth 8/2 cottons

Weave Structure: Crackle block weave in which four pattern blocks can be woven on four shafts. A pattern weft floats on either the face or back of a plain-weave cloth and is tied to the cloth by one warp thread out of every group of four.

Equipment needed: 4 shaft loom; 22 1/8" weaving width

Sett: epi 16; ppi 26 (13 tabby, 13 pattern).

Finished size: three lovely kitchen towels with finished dimensions of 19" x 26 1/2" per towel

Instructions needed: Best of Handwoven: Yarn Series-A Dozen Projects in 8/2 Cotton (eBook) or Handwoven January/February 1994 from Long Thread Media for complete instructions.

Be sure to order this Handwoven magazine if you don't already have this issue.

Designed by: Kathy Bright

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