Desert Dreams Towels by Bonnie Tarses

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Weave towels in your own personal horoscope of desert inspired dreams!  Add harmony to your kitchen with these comforting, earthy towels that are easy to weave in simple warp stripes.

Bonnie Tarses has designed these horoscope towels in a palette of earth-tone colors that will bring the beauty of the outside world into your home.

The twelve earth friendly colors can be drafted into your own personal horoscope with the help of Bonnie Tarses's Color Horoscope Weaving Instruction Packet.  This packet is sold separately at  

Yarns: 8/2 Aurora Earth 100% cotton. You will receive twelve warp colors along with four different weft colors.  So many colors to play with!

Equipment needed: 4-shaft or rigid heddle loom; 20” weaving width; 10 dent reed; 1 shuttle

Weave structure: plain weave or straight twill

Sett:  20 epi (2 per dent in 10-dent reed); 20 ppi

Total ends:  400 (extra warp yarns are provided if you would like to weave wider towels.  Add an optional border on each side if desired)

Warp Length: 5 yd

Finished size: four towels approximately 18” x 30” each

Instructions: You will need to purchase your own personal horoscope draft from Bonnie Tarses or you can create a random warp order with the twelve colors that are included in this yarn kit.  Visit for your own personal horoscope.

 ***This yarn pack includes twelve warp colors plus four weft colors.  You will be able to weave each towel with a different weft color or mix all four colors in each of the four towels.  Extra yardage is included for so many possibilities!

Have fun weaving with earth-friendly colors!

Designed by Bonnie Tarses