Designing With Color - Waffle Weave Towels

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Design Your Own Towels ~ Free Weaving Pattern

Designing can sometimes be a challenge but it’s a breeze with our pre-wound mini cones.

You will receive four colors to work with; one color for the border and three colors for the waffle weave squares.

Choose one color combination below for each kit ordered.  Order multiple kits or our Aurora Earth Mini Cones for more color possibilities!

This is the perfect project for anyone who wants to experiment with color. Towels are quick to weave with rewarding results and something everyone loves to use and give as gifts.

Yarns: Aurora Earth is the ideal yarn with its wide range of colors and unique homespun quality.

Instructions: Cotton Clouds has supplied the yarns while Weaving Today has supplied the step-by-step instructions.

This project from Weaving Today is a mini-class for playing with color and the waffle weave technique.

Equipment needed: 4 or 8-shaft loom; 16" weaving width; 12-dent reed; at least 2 shuttles and 4 bobbins.

Setts: 24 epi (2/dent in a 12 dent reed) 22 ppi

Finished size: four towels 15" x 25" each

Designed by Rosalie Neilson