Doubleweave Placemats & Napkins

Doubleweave Placemats & Napkins

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Two layers of cloth interlocked by warp ends that travel from layer to layer produce these sturdy, reversible placemats and napkins with stripes on one face and plaid on the other.

Yarns: Aurora Earth 8/2 cotton.

Fabric description: Stitched doublecloth for placemats, plain weave for napkins (woven in two independent layers).

Finished dimensions: four hemmed placemats 13 1/2" x 17 1/2" each and four hemmed napkins (two striped napkins and two plaid napkins) 13" x 13" each.

Equipment needed: 4 shaft loom; width in reed 15 7/8"; EPI 32 (16 per layer); PPI 32 (16 per layer); 8 dent reed or a 10 dent reed can be used, creating a denser fabric.

Instructions needed: Download Best of Handwoven: Yarn Series-A Dozen Projects in 8/2 Cotton (eBook) from Long Thread Media for complete instructions.

Designed by: Manuela Kaulitz

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