Dye-Lishus® Cotton Sliver

Dye-Lishus® Cotton Sliver

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Now you can spin and dye your handspun cotton, the hassle-free way with our new Dye-Lishus® Cotton Sliver!

Dye-Lishus® Cotton Sliver is created by adding a molecule to the cellulose that attracts and permanently bonds to a dye molecule, causing the fiber to take dye without the use of auxiliaries such as salt or washing soda.

This dye-only process eliminates the step of pretreating with other chemicals. More dye is taken up than with untreated cotton, reducing dye costs and chemicals in the waste water, and very little dye remains on the fiber that is not permanently attached, so less rinsing is needed after dyeing.

The other great advantage of Dye-Lishus® Cotton is that it can be dyed so easily after spinning and weaving. You can put on a long white warp, weave up a storm, and then piece-dye fabrics to fit the season’s fashions.

Complete Step-by-Step Instruction on how to space dye this pre-mordanted cotton sliver is included.