Easy-ish Two Heddle Tea Towels

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This weaving kit includes all the yarns needed to weave these Easy-ish Two Heddle Tea Towels that were designed by The Rogue Weaver.

Want to learn how to thread and weave tea towels with 2 heddles? And weave a pattern without using pick-up sticks? Try these “easy-ish” towels by The Rogue Weaver.

Although this isn't considered a beginner project, because it does use 2 heddles, it's still easy if you are comfortable with a single heddle and looking to advance to using 2 heddles. This is the perfect project to start with!

You will need to purchase the pattern from The Rogue Weaver to go along with this weaving kit.  We have supplied all the yarns needed and The Rogue Weaver has supplied a wonderful pattern with video links and step-by-step instruction. Visit therogueweaver.com to learn more!

Weave structure: two heddle weaving 

Yarns: Aurora Earth 8/2 Cottons in Purple, Lavender, Duck, and Plum Green.

Equipment needed: rigid heddle loom with a double heddle block; two 10-dent reeds; 24" weaving width; 4 shuttles.

Finished size:  two towels 19” x 28” hemmed.

Instructions needed:  Easy-ish Two Heddle Tea Towels pattern by The Rogue Weaver

This weaving kit includes all the yarns to weave these towels by Tammy Bast, The Rogue Weaver.  You can find this pattern at therogueweaver.com. The pattern includes many video links, lots of pictures, and very clear instructions including check boxes for warping.

Designed by Tammy Bast, The Rogue Weaver