Easy-to-Spin® Brown Cotton Sliver

Easy-to-Spin® Brown Cotton Sliver

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Now you can have the best of both fibers!  You'll love spinning this naturally colored cotton sliver!

A long-staple Pima cotton is combined with a beautiful shade of cocoa brown, giving you a longer staple naturally colored cotton, that's easier to spin and oh, so luxurious to wear!

Pima cotton, the accepted generic term for all American Egyptian cottons was developed in Arizona and named after the local Pima Indians, who in their own time and culture had grown, spun and worn cotton. First introduced into the fields in 1912, a variety developed from Egyptian and Sea Island Cotton, Pima has been experimentally improved for higher yields and extra-long staple. Free of any plant material, you're going to spin and spin and spin this cotton for hours!

Organically grown and minimally processed especially for hand spinners with less of the essential crimp removed. This is why this "Easy-to-Spin sliver is the perfect fiber for both beginner and experienced spinner. Our Brown Pima cotton has been finely carded into a continuous strand of cotton sliver (roving) that makes spinning so easy.

Naturally colored cotton is cotton that has been bred to have colors other than the yellowish off-white typical of modern commercial cotton fibers. Usually the staple length is short and more difficult to spin but this naturally colored Brown Pima cotton has been bred to a longer, easier to spin staple length.

The long draw is best for spinning this sliver cotton. Naturally colored cotton is believed to have originated in the Americas around 5000 years ago in the Andes. Naturally colored cotton today mostly comes from pre-Columbian stocks created by the indigenous peoples of South America (Vreeland, 1999). Mochica Indians could be attributed with growing naturally colored cotton of myriad hues, which they maintained for over the last two millenniums on the northern coast of Peru.

You can darken the natural brown color by soaking for 30 minutes in an ammonia bath (3/4 oz ammonia to 2 quarts hot water and small amount of detergent and then rinsing. The color will darken to a darker brown when dry.

8 oz package or 16 oz package available.

Spinning instructions included.

Have fun spinning cotton!