Easy To Spin® Colored Cotton Combo

Easy To Spin® Colored Cotton Combo

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The Cotton Clouds’ Naturally Colored Combo is a sample of our quality colored cottons.

Included are our Easy-to-Spin Green and Brown slivers, along with both brown and green cotton lint.

This is an excellent way for you to become familiar with the various types of naturally colored spinning fibers in sliver form.

The brown and green naturally colored sliver cottons have been "earth-friendly" grown with less chemicals and have been processed as Easy-to-Spin leaving in more of cotton's natural crimp, making them easier to spin, even for the beginning cotton spinner.

You will have the opportunity to discover the wonderful design possibilities of combining colored brown, green and a two-tone white/brown combination.  Create two-toned, tweed and multi-colored yarns for all your knitting, weaving and crochet projects.

The variety of these cottons are great for spinning demonstrations and classes.

8 oz pack with instructions included