Easy-to-Spin® Cotton Sliver Sampler

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We’ve said cotton is easy-to-spin! This sampler of all our Easy-to-Spin® cotton slivers will convince you just how easy cotton is to spin!

You may ask, “What makes Cotton Clouds’ Easy-to-Spin® cotton slivers so special?”

We had our quality cotton fibers specially processed into sliver in a way that preserves the natural crimp of the cotton fibers, making it a much easier cotton to spin.

Once the cotton fiber dries out on the boll, its hollow core convolutes, twisting on it’s own much like a paper straw does when you suck air out of it. It is this natural convolution that allows you to spin cotton into a yarn, with lots and lots of added twist. Leaving the crimp in the fiber just makes it a lot easier with less work spinning.

These cotton fibers are grown in California through the Sustainable Cotton Project whose mission is to lessen the toll that the soil-to-shirt cotton production process takes on the earth's air, water, and soil, and the health of people in cotton growing areas.

This Easy-to-Spin® Sampler contains a total of 8 ounces with two ounces each of our Easy-to-Spin® PimaAcalaBrown and Green. Just enough to see just how easy cotton is to spin! Have fun spinning!

8 oz sampler with spinning instructions included.