From Hopi to Huck Towels

From Hopi to Huck Towels

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The colors and design for these towels were inspired by Native American pottery. The huck-lace dogwood blossom pattern highlights the spaced lines of color.  

These towels are woven “sideways” - the hems are on the long side and the selvedges on the short side. 

Weave structure: huck lace

Yarns: 8/2 Aurora Earth 100% cotton

Equipment: 8 shaft loom; 10 dent reed; 29" weaving width; 3 shuttle

Finished size: four generous sized kitchen towels 25.5" x 16" each

Instructions needed: Winning-Towels-Handwovens-21st-Century-Towel-Contest available from Long Thread Media for warping and weaving instructions.

Be sure to order this Handwoven magazine if you don't already have this issue.

Designed by Roseanne White