Gypsy Chenille Mini Cone Bundles

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Our Gypsy Chenille is the best quality chenille on the market. We guarantee it!

We have the perfect color combinations in our Mini Cone Bundles for all your Chenille projects.

There are six colors ~ 3oz of each color (1,462 yds total) included in each bundle.

Create soft sensuous fabrics that are lightweight, drape beautifully and are easily laundered.

Gypsy Chenille is strong enough for warp and weft, every standard knitting machine and the finest hand knitting and crochet.

We will also include a free pattern for you to design your own scarf on any 2 or 4 shaft loom.

Star Gazing: Crocus, Midnight Plum, Bordeaux, Black, Midnight Teal, Teal

Citrus: Salmon, Paprika, Goldenrod, Wild Chestnut, Celedon, Avocado

Beach House: Bronze, Wild Chestnut, Sand, Celedon, Mineral, Sea Breeze

Retro: Paprika, Salmon, Ivory, Celedon, Sea Breeze, Midnight Teal