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Handwoven Home

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Handwoven Home by Liz Gipson

A handwoven home is the best kind of home. From towels and throws to napkins and placemats, weaving is perfectly suited for creating and customizing almost any textile for your home.

In Handwoven Home, weaving expert Liz Gipson guides you through the tools and techniques you’ll need to weave all of your personalized textiles on the most popular loom on the market—the rigid-heddle loom. You’ll cover all the basics of rigid-heddle weaving like choosing the right yarn for your project, and achieving your desired cloth type and the perfect drape.

Each of the 20+ projects inside starts with a simple square or rectangle and involves little to no sewing, shaping, or loom waste, making each one perfect for the rigid-heddle loom. You’ll learn how to weave multiple towels from one warp with the Four Looks Kitchen Towels, how to create a sturdy rug of wide fabric with the Fabric Stash Rag Rug, and how to finish each project with a polished, professional look.

Whether you’re making textiles for yourself or as a gift, you’ll find everything you need to create a woven personal touch for any room.

Liz Gipson enjoys living a yarn-filled life. She hosts a popular website, Yarnworker.com, a source for rigid- heddle know-how and inspiration. As the author of the newly revised and updated Weaving Made Easy and host of four instructional videos on rigid-heddle weaving produced by Interweave, Liz delights in helping weavers find ease in their weaving. She writes about weaving and the yarn life for many popular fiber-related magazines, websites, and blogs, and she teaches workshops throughout the country.