Homestyle Plaid Towels Pattern

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Weaving plaid is so much fun and it’s a great way to make interesting color effect in your handwoven project. 

This Homestyle Plaid Towels Pattern can be woven in plain weave or texture weave with a pick-up stick.

This pattern has instruction for weaving these towels in Country Peach, but you can also choose your own colors by picking three colors from our Aurora Earth 8/2 cottons.

Weave Structure:  plain weave and texture weave.  You can weave both towels in plain weave, both in texture weave, or one of each.

Equipment needed:  Rigid Heddle Loom; 10 dent heddle; 22” weaving width; 4 shuttles; 1 pick-up stick

Yarns: Aurora Earth 8/2 Cottons; main color 1120 yds, Natural 768 yds, accent color 192 yds. (You can also choose other colors as your main, secondary and accent color.)

Finished size:  two hemmed towels, approx. 17” x 28” in texture weave; 18” x 31” in plain weave

Designed by Jodi Ybarra

See our September Weaving Challenge Blog for more information about this Homestyle Plaid Towels project.

Photos by Jessica Ybarra