Hug in a Mug Rug

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Snuggle with those you love, sip your favorite brew, fill your heart and day with peace and warmth.

We all need a little relaxation in our lives and what better way to enjoy our favorite drink than having a cute little mat to put your cup on.

This project is so quick and easy to weave that you can whip up a set for each of your friends. You can even add their favorite drink mix along with a mug to spread smiles and Hug Mug Rugs to all.

Grab your favorite drink, warp up your loom and weave to your heart’s content!

Yarns: 24/7 Cotton

Equipment needed: Rigid Heddle loom; 8.4” weaving width; 10 dent reed; 2 shuttles

Finished size: 6 mats (or more depending on how much loom waste your loom requires. Width 7 ½" x 7” Length" with 1” Fringe on each end.

Instructions needed:  Find this project and so many more in Little Looms Summer 2021 available from Long Thread Media.  You will need this magazine for the pattern.

Choose from the many color choices we offer! Kit includes white with color of your choice.

Here is a great hemstitching video that you may find helpful when weaving your mug rugs.

Designed By: Jodi Ybarra