Iridescent Echo Table Mats

Iridescent Echo Table Mats

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Brilliant shades of jewel tones combine in striking patterns to produce these Iridescent Echoes Table Mats. 

Woven in polychrome doubleweave on an echo weave threading in Aurora Earth 8/2 cotton. (original design is woven with Organic Cotton) 

Fabric description: Polychrome doubleweave on an echo weave threading. 

Equipment needed: 8-shaft loom, 33" weaving width; 10-dent reed; 2 shuttles. 

Finished dimensions: Two hemmed mats 26" x 28 1/2". 

The instructions are available from Handwoven January/February 2015 or as a free pattern from Weaving Today.   

Designed by Marian Stubenisky