Linked Birdseye Towels

Linked Birdseye Towels

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Yarn & Dimensions: Weave either two or four generous size kitchen towels (20" x 30") with our versatile Aurora Earth 8/2 cotton using a 4-shaft loom, 10 dent reed and 23" weaving width.

Weave structure: The threading for this towel will be very familiar to anyone who has looked at old drafts for weaving. When it has a name, it is called “birdseye.”

The usual treadling for birdseye is a point twill with the same color in warp and weft.

In this unusual variation, more colors and a more complex treadling order “link” the birdseyes together into chain-like motifs that look a little like contemporary computer data stream or code.

Instructions needed: Winning-Towels-Handwovens-21st-Century-Towel-Contest available from Long Threaad Media for warping and weaving instructions.

Designed by Marjie Thompson