Napkins with Patterned Tracking

Napkins with Patterned Tracking

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This weaving kit includes all the yarns needed to weave these Napkins with Patterned Tracking that were designed by Margaret Gaynes for Long Thread Media.

Weave these napkins that look complex to but are actually very easy to weave.

Tracking is a change in a fabric that occurs during washing, causing random diagonal ridges to rise on the surface of the cloth producing the effect of a very complex twill stucture, when in fact, the fabric is woven in plain weave.

We consider tracking a magical gift from the weaving gods, so give these napkins a try!

These generous sized napkins can be used as bread basket liners or lap tablecloths for casual dining. A great way to go paper-free in your home!

Weave structure: plain weave

Yarns: Aurora Earth 8/2 100% unmercerized cotton.

Finished size: four napkins 21" x 21" hemmed.

Equipment needed: 4 shaft loom; 12 dent reed; 25" weaving width; 4 shuttles

Instructions needed: Best of Handwoven: Yarn Series-A Dozen Projects in 8/2 Cotton (eBook) from Long Thread Media for complete instructions.

This kit includes all yarns needed to weave these napkins.  The pattern can be found in the Handwoven magazine noted above.  You will need to purchase this magazine if you don't already own a copy.

Photos by Joe Coca